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New York State Child Victims Act Don't Miss Deadline to File

New York Child Victims Act Laura Ahearn

Child Victims Act Look-Back Window

The Child Victims Act provides survivors a one-time "lookback" window to file civil actions where the statute of limitations has already passed. This means no matter how long ago you were sexually abused, you can bring a claim. The law provides for the look-back period to open in August of 2019 and will remain open for a year. You will want to contact me now to start building your case so that we can file right away.

Institutional Sexual Abuse

Civil claims can be brought against the person and the institution that had custody, supervision or authority over you. For example persons in positions of trust include but are not limited to: a coach (swimming, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, softball, etc), teacher, member of the clergy, person in a leadership position in the scouts or Salvation Army, camp counselor, school bus driver or custodian or any other person who had custody or authority over you.

Should I File A Claim?

This is a decision you must make on your own. Your first step is to call me (or email) and provide a brief overview of what happened. From there I will explain your options. I strongly encourage you not to sign on with any attorney right after you have disclosed your sexual abuse! After talking about your sexual abuse you will likely feel vulnerable and somewhat "unraveled" as my clients have described it. This is not a time to sign an important document. Give it some time and make your decision carefully.

We hope to hear from you on your journey to obtain justice.

Laura A. Ahearn, Esq.. LMSW

631 942-1078


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