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Children and Teens Were Simply Not Equipped to Deal with Experienced Predatory Clerics

Laura Ahearn Attorney for Brooklyn and Rockville Centre Diocese Clergy Abuse Victims

Brooklyn and Rockville Centre Diocese Clergy Abuse Victims: It's something that happened to you that you've kept inside for a long time, you are not alone. Children are simply not equipped to deal with experienced sexual predators who work very hard to gain the trust and admiration of the community, and of families, ultimately to sexually victimize their children. Your trust was betrayed and you did not choose to be a victim. Now you are an adult, you have strength, and you have choices.

The Independent Reconciliation Compensation Program (IRCP) is an opportunity to tell your story and to possibly be offered a settlement. For over 20 years I have fought for thousands of victims of sexual abuse in our criminal justice system and I’ve been a leader in the fight for transparency and for accountability in the Church’s response to sexual assault by members of the clergy. Let our experienced team help secure the compensation you deserve.

Call me to schedule a free consultation (631) 942-1078

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