Justice for 

Sexual Abuse Victims  

Survivors of Priest Sexual Abuse, Scout Sexual Abuse, Youth Sport

Coaches Sexual Abuse, Instructors or Teachers & Adults in Positions of Trust 

Learn About Your Legal Options and

How  To Seek Justice through Civil Litigation and if

You are a  Catholic Church Clergy Abuse Victim, Through 

Compensation Settlement Programs  


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     You never chose to be a victim of sexual abuse but you have important choices to make now, and I can help.  You need an Attorney who will fight for you and also one who will understand the trauma you have suffered as a survivor of sexual abuse.  I'm not only an Attorney, but I am a Licensed Social Worker who has worked with thousands of sexual assault survivors for over twenty years and I have a unique depth of knowledge, perspective, understanding and respect for survivors of sexual abuse and their families.  I also have over ten years experience maximizing crime victim compensation claims.  


     For over 20 years I have fought for over 6,000 child sexual abuse victims, adult rape victims, and adult survivors of child sexual abuse as a local and national advocate.  I have dedicated my career to fighting for sex crimes victims rights and for transparency and accountability in institutional sexual abuse and systematic cover ups including in the Catholic Church’s response to sexual assault by members of the clergy.  I will fight for you too.   


     Many states, local jurisdictions and even Catholic Dioceses are offering victims new opportunities to bring claims or settlement claims.  For example, in NY, PA, and NJ Diocese settlement programs give victims an opportunity to settle their claims outside of the traditional court process.  CA Dioceses have just announced that they too will open a settlement program.  


     Many states are proposing and passing legislation which, among other things, affords sex abuse victims the opportunity to file civil claims against their abuser, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.  Others may work for you, but I will work with you. You never chose to be a victim, but you have a  choice now. 

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Ms. Ahearn is regularly featured in news articles and on television and is relied upon by the media to provide factual and up to date information.  She has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CSPAN, ESPN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, BBC, NEWS12 and many more and has been quoted in hundreds of news articles across the nation including in Newsweek, the New York Times and international newspapers.  She has also had numerous opinion/editorial pieces published in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times. 

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