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Syracuse Diocese

20 Priests who have been

publicly accused of abuse. 

The following list of publicly accused priests was compiled by  To view full details and a complete explanation of this list and disclaimers from

  1. Casey, Jr. Daniel W.

  2. Colosimo, Felix R.

  3. Crosby, Donald J.

  4. Eckermann, Charles H.

  5. Furfaro, Francis J.

  6. Garstka, Bernard

  7. Harrold, John F.

  8. Hayes, James C.

  9. Hebert, Donald J.

  10. Keating, Thomas F.

  11. Lorenz, William A.

  12. Lugowski, John

  13. Misercola, Chester

  14. Neary, Thomas E.

  15. Ours, Robert A.

  16. Proud, Albert J.

  17. Quinn, James F.

  18. Sewall, H. Charles

  19. Trane, Thomas

  20. Zeder, John M

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