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Rockville Centre Diocese

51 Priests who have been

publicly accused of abuse. 

The following list of publicly accused priests was compiled by  To view full details and a complete explanation of this list and disclaimers from


an Opportunity To Seek Justice No Matter How Long Ago You Were Sexually Abused by a Diocese of Rockville Centre Priest, Religious Order Clergy or Lay Person.   

  1. Peter A. Allen, 

  2. Daniel G. Babis, 

  3. James J. Bergin 

  4. Brian J. Brinker

  5. Robert K. Brown 

  6. William Michael Burke

  7. John Butler

  8. Michael A. Carroll

  9. Gerard J. (“Jerry”) Chasse

  10. Basil Peter Congro

  11. Damian Lawrence Cooper

  12. Gloria Czarniewicz

  13. Edward R. D'Andrea

  14. Thomas F. DeVita

  15. Angelo J. Ditta

  16. Peter L. Duvelsdorf

  17. Matthew Fitzgerald

  18. Michael R. Hands

  19. Kenneth C. Hasselbach

  20. Robert D. Huneke

  21. William R. Logan

  22. Br. Finnian Magee

  23. John F. Mahoney

  24. Massaro, Gabriel (Capuchin Franciscan)

  25. Joseph C. McComiskey

26. Thomas R. McConaghy

27. John J. McGeever

28. Brian A. McKeon

29. George J. Michell

30. Andrew L. Millar

31. James C. Miller

32. Salvatore J. Miraglia

33. John D. Mott

34. Joseph T. Mundy

35. Br. Howard Murphy

36. Kenneth T. Nee

37. Louis I. Newman

38. Frank J. Parisi

39. Alan J. Placa

40. Charles A. “Bud” Ribaudo

41. Brendan P. Riordan

42. Robert J. Saccacio

43. Thomas G. Saloy

44. Richard Schaefer

45. Alfred M. Soave

46. Raymond V. Stegmann

47. Gerald Twomey

48. Nicholas Unterstein

49. Eugene C. Vollmer

50. James C. Williams

51. Gregory Yacyshyn

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