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Diocese of Greensburg

Survivor Compensation Program

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Greensburg (Pennsylvania) has opened the Survivor Compensation Program.

The Program is intended to provide compensation to those survivors of childhood sexual

abuse committed by clergy  and certain other persons associated with the Diocese of Greensburg.

The Program is open at this time to those survivors who meet the following criteria:

  1. The person is alleging childhood sexual abuse. “Childhood sexual abuse” means sexual molestation or sexual exploitation of a child (a person under the age of 18) and other behavior by which an adult uses a child as an object of sexual gratification, including attempted behavior.
  2. The allegation is against a priest, deacon, or seminarian of the Diocese; OR the allegation is against a priest or deacon from another diocese who had faculties in the Diocese at the time of the abuse; OR the allegation is against a priest or brother from a religious order who had faculties in the Diocese at the time of the abuse, which occurred in relation to ministry within the Diocese of Greensburg or was perpetrated against a person within the Diocese of Greensburg.

  3. The person has previously identified themselves as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to the Diocese on or before February 26, 2019.



The Program is not open to those who do not meet the above requirements or those who have previously settled with the Diocese of Greensburg.

Contact me today to assist you in registering your claim and maximizing the compensation you may be entitled to.  I have worked with priest abuse victims in New York State Catholic Church Compensation Programs and have the experience you need to help maximize settlement offers.   
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