Buffalo Diocese

42 Priests who have been

publicly accused of abuse. 

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Bishop Richard J. Malone on Tuesday released the names of priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. "The following list identifies diocesan priests who were removed from ministry, were retired or left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor," the diocese said. The list includes deceased priests with more than one allegation made against them. Priests who are deceased have their year of death listed next to their name, the diocese said.

  1. John R. Aurelio (2009)

  2. Donald W. Becker

  3. David M. Bialkowski

  4. Robert J. Biesinger (2012)

  5. James H. Cotter (1991)

  6. Donald S. Fafinski

  7. Douglas F. Faraci

  8. Fred G. Fingerle (2002)

  9. Michael R. Freeman (2010)

  10. Joseph P. Friel (1995)

  11. Mark M. Friel

  12. Thomas G. Gresock

  13. John P. Hajduk

  14. Michael J. Harrington (1989)

  15. Brian M. Hatrick

  16. James P. Hayes

  17. Louis J. Hendricks (1990)

  18. J. Grant Higgins (2016)

  19. Francis T. Hogan (2010)

  20. Fred D. Ingalls

  21. Florian A. Jasinski (1983)

  22. Gerald C. Jasinski

  23. Richard P. Judd (1988)

  24. Timothy J. Kelley

  25. Thomas L. Kemp

  26. Richard J. Keppeler (2011)

  27. John D. Lewandowski (1982)

  28. Bernard M. Mach (2004)

  29. Loville N. Martlock (2014)

  30. Thomas J. McCarthy

  31. Basil A. Ormsby (1997)

  32. Norbert F. Orsolits

  33. Martin L. Pavlock

  34. Roy K. Ronald (2013)

  35. Joseph E. Schieder (1996)

  36. Gerard A. Smyczynski (1999)

  37. James A. Spielman

  38. Chester S. Stachewicz

  39. Edward J. Walker (2002)

  40. William G. Ward (2008)

  41. William F. J. White (2016)

  42. Robert W. Wood

The list includes 27 priests who have not been previously linked to allegations of sexual abuse. Some of the priests have already been publicly identified.

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